Emmaus Road Bible College (ERBC)

Emmaus Road Bible College is an accredited branch or branch of the Christian Union Theological Seminary (CUTS) Main theological institution of the Union of Pentecostal Christian Churches of Jesus Christ, Inc. The school has been established to meet the needs of those believers, leaders, and workers, who want to better prepare to work in the work of the Lord and in their respective churches; but have not been able to study at a Bible institute, and they do not have the opportunity to study the Word, due to ministerial, work or family commitments.

Emmaus offers its biblical programs through the internet and by correspondence. Making it possible for you to complete your studies from the comfort of your home or office, all you need is a computer! Emmaus Road Bible College offers the regular three-year study program,, covering the subjects commonly offered in other biblical institutes and seminaries, since our professors are members of different theological faculties; thus bringing a world of experience in the preparation of the curriculum to follow. The school also offers a fourth-year program for those students who have graduated from our regular study program, and wish to continue their studies before entering the Christian Union Theological Seminary.

Being Emmaus Road Bible College, an accredited branch of the Christian Union Theological Seminary Inc. all graduates automatically qualify for admission to the seminary. where they can continue their studies for Bachelor, Master, or Doctorate.