Welcome to Emmaus Road Bible College (ERBC)

“Preparing the leaders of this dispensation for the work of ministry today, and tomorrow …”

Welcome Message from the Director’s Desk

Dear prospective students:
Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Grace and peace be multiplied.

Let me thank you for taking the time to review the Emmaus Road College of the Bible and extend a warm welcome. We congratulate you on your wise decision to want to promote your knowledge through a Christ-centered education, which will positively impact your life and your call to ministry. Although you may see your education at the ERBC as another requirement within your call to serve; I hope you realize that you will learn important skills and knowledge that will follow you all your life, and strengthen your ministry.

This knowledge will help you in all areas of ministry, the call to serve must follow the preparation as a leader, either in your church, and / or in your personal life. (Luke 24:32) During your career at EMMAUS, you will have the opportunity to practice, write sketches, briefly expose experiences in your life as a leader, related to the development of you, and other students. You will learn more about your growth as a leader of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through what the Holy Scriptures teach us about being a true leader, taking as an example those who preceded us according to the example of the New Testament Church.

To conclude, remember that seeking the help of the Holy Spirit, this Bible College requires a commitment from you. It is your responsibility to attend classes and be prepared by delivering your work and assignments on time. My expectations of you are high, because I know and understand that you can do this work, and thus be a worker prepared for the work that Jesus Christ has entrusted to you. Try diligently to introduce yourself to God approved, as a worker who has nothing to be ashamed of, who uses the word of truth well. (2 Timothy 2:15)

For his glory;

Sabina (Tita) Fernández

Rev. Dr. Sabina (Tita) Fernández, Ph.D. C.E.
Emmaus Road Bible College (ERBC)